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Give a Gift of Change and help create healthy communities in Africa!

“Gifts of Change” is CPAR’s ethical giving program, which allows you to select and purchase important components of the programs we deliver in Africa. When you buy a gift, you’re helping us cover the cost of providing material support and training to families in Ethiopia, Malawi or Tanzania.  

Each gift plays an important role in supporting community efforts to address the determinants of health through improved access to primary health care, clean water and adequate food, better hygiene and sanitation, and the creation of secure livelihoods.

With each gift, you'll help a family or community in rural Africa overcome poverty. That's real change!

You will need a valid e-mail address and credit card number to purchase a gift. 

Making a gift is easy with these 3 simple steps:

  1. Start by choosing the first of your gifts below.  (Click on each picture for more information on the importance of each item.)
  2. Follow the prompts to select if you want an e-card or printed card (sent by you directly to the recipient, or for us to send on your behalf).
  3. Keep shopping for more items or check out!

Agriculture and Life Skills for Students - NEW! $45

Cell Phone for Community Health Workers $25

Fuel Saving Stove $35

Goat $100

Greatest Need $____

Help Drill a Well $100

Hens and Roosters $30

Plant 100 Trees $50

Safe Birth Kit $20

Tools For Food Kit $25

Water buckets and cups $10

You will receipt a tax receipt for each gift purchased.

If you would like to receive a catalogue in the mail please contact Dee Ucci at or 416-369-0865 ext. 31.